The Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner For 2024

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Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner
Best Wet Vacuum Cleaner

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1. Best Overall: BISSELL Crosswave Wet Vacuum Cleaner

"The BISSELL Crosswave Wet Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect solution for cleaning up messes on various surfaces. This powerful vacuum cleaner is designed to deep clean wet and dry messes on hard surfaces and area rugs." Read Review

2. Runner Up: Stanley - SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum

"The Stanley SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum is the perfect tool for tackling any mess. With a large 22 L capacity, you can clean up messes of all sizes with ease. The powerful suction and blower function can take on both wet and dry messes." Read Review

3. Best Efficient: Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum

"The Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum is the perfect vacuum for tackling any job. Its 5.5 Peak HP High Efficiency Motor provides powerful suction. This vacuum is equipped with integrated hose storage, a 18' cord with cord storage, and easily converts to a blower." Read Review

4. Best Quality: EUREKA Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

"The EUREKA Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect tool for one-step cleaning. With its powerful suction and dual-action nozzle, it quickly vacuums up debris and washes your hard floors and area rugs at the same time." Read Review

5. Best Technology: Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet/Dry Vacuum

"The Stanley SL18910P-3 Wet/Dry Vacuum is the perfect tool for tackling any mess. Featuring a powerful motor and durable construction, this vacuum is great for vacuuming up wet liquid spills and dry debris, dust, sawdust, dirt and more." Read Review

Are you in the market for a wet vacuum cleaner? Are you looking for one that can tackle tough jobs and is reliable and easy to use? Don't worry. You're not alone! Wet vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular for quickly and easily cleaning up spills and messes. Whether dealing with a flooded basement, a wet vehicle interior, or a large spill, a wet vacuum cleaner can be a lifesaver.

But with so many on the market, how do you know which is best? To help you out, we've done the research and put together a list of the top wet vacuum cleaners on the market. We've examined features, durability, price, and customer reviews to determine the best-wet vacuum cleaner. So, read on to find your perfect wet vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to finding the best wet vacuum cleaner, we believe the BISSELL Crosswave Wet Vacuum Cleaner is a worthy product to buy. This powerful vacuum cleaner is designed to clean wet and dry messes on hard surfaces and area rugs. Check out the Stanley - SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum if you want another great option. You may check out the following for additional options and more in-depth advice.

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TOP Choice #1 BISSELL Crosswave Wet Vacuum Cleaner
Our Score:

Mastering the challenges of daily pet messes effortlessly, the CrossWave Pet Pro multi-surface cleaner reimagines cleaning convenience. This innovative gadget possesses the impressive capability to simultaneously vacuum and wash, simplifying pet mess cleanup with remarkable efficiency. Employing a two-tank system, it ensures optimal cleanliness by keeping clean water and formula separate from dirty water and dry debris.

The versatility of the CrossWave Pet Pro is evident as it proves safe and efficient on a range of surfaces, including tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, vinyl, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, area rugs, and more. This adaptability guarantees a spotless, pet mess-free home in every nook and cranny. Tailored to pet owners, the CrossWave Pet Pro incorporates specialized features for furry companions. Nonetheless, it might pose some challenges when used on thicker rug areas.

TOP Choice #2 Stanley - SL18116P Wet/Dry Vacuum
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Sporting a spacious canister that exceeds 22 L in capacity, the Stanley Wet/Dry Vacuum becomes an invaluable companion for clean-up tasks. Handling tasks of all sizes with ease, this vacuum reduces the need for frequent bucket emptying. Its impressive 300.0-hour runtime ensures dependable cleaning performance. Featuring a blower port, the vacuum can even transform into a leaf blower, adding to its versatility.

Distinguished by its robust 4-peak HP motor, this vacuum boasts remarkable suction power, making it suitable for a wide range of cleaning situations. Whether it's a vehicle, job site, workshop, garage, basement, or home, this vacuum is up to the challenge. Its tri-functional design further enhances its flexibility, effectively tackling wet liquid spills and dry debris, including dust, sawdust, and dirt. Nevertheless, the hose size might be a tad small.

TOP Choice #3 Vacmaster Wet/Dry Vacuum
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This professional-grade Polypropylene Tank is designed to meet tough cleaning demands. With a strong 5.5 Peak HP High-Efficiency Motor, this adaptable vacuum delivers exceptional suction, effortlessly handling dirt, debris, and spills. Its sturdy build guarantees durability, making it a dependable choice for various commercial uses.

For added convenience, the vacuum includes integrated hose storage, allowing users to keep the hose neatly stored when not in use, reducing clutter and maximizing efficiency. The 18' cord with cord storage enhances the user experience, providing ample reach while ensuring organized storage to prevent tangled cords. Versatility is a key aspect of the 5 Gallon Polypropylene Tank, as it easily transforms into a blower, offering a practical solution for tasks requiring the dispersal of leaves, debris, or sawdust. However, it might be slightly challenging to maneuver.

Revolutionizing your cleaning routine, this exceptional device effortlessly vacuums debris and washes in one step, ensuring your hard floors and area rugs are revitalized to perfection. Boasting an impressive 550-watt power, it's tailored for household cleaning demands. Moving around your space is effortless with its Lightweight Design and Swivel Steering. This vacuum effortlessly glides around furniture and easily reaches often neglected corners near cabinets.

Furthermore, you can bid farewell to stubborn residue and streaks—this powerhouse combines the thorough cleaning capabilities of a conventional upright vacuum with the refreshing touch of a mop. By effectively addressing embedded dirt and debris while effortlessly eliminating sticky substances, your home is left clean and inviting. Its innovative design not only maximizes cleaning efficiency but also upholds hygiene throughout the process. Nonetheless, it may occasionally leave a bit of fluid on the surface.

The versatile and potent vacuum, featuring a 3-peak HP motor, is the ultimate answer for any car clean up. With a 3-in-1 crevice nozzle and onboard storage for accessories, it provides strong suction to manage wet liquid spills and dry debris, spanning from dust to sawdust. After usage, conveniently wrap the power cord around the top handle for storage.

With its dual function, this vacuum effectively handles wet and dry messes, establishing it as a dependable and multifunctional cleaning tool. Its considerate design ensures user-friendliness and convenience, enabling extended cleaning tasks without complications. Providing more than 10 ft. of cleaning reach, including a 6 ft. power cord, you can tackle additional cleanups without disconnecting. The robust top handle contributes to its portability, facilitating easy transportation. The only minor downside of this cleaner is that its hose could be slightly longer. 

The adaptable Wet/Dry Vacuum conveniently converts into a potent 210 MPH Handheld Blower, making it an excellent addition to any garage. Moreover, with its dual capabilities, this item facilitates a smooth shift between wet and dry cleaning or effortlessly blowing away leaves and debris. It's an essential tool for garages and homeowners who prioritize efficiency and convenience.

With a cleaning reach spanning 19 feet, thanks to the included hose and power cord, this vacuum ensures an extended coverage area, simplifying the cleaning of inaccessible spots. The integrated storage feature of this product for accessories guarantees tidy organization and quick access to attachments, minimizing the risk of misplacing important parts. It boasts an oversized drain port for added convenience, making emptying liquids hassle-free and mess-free. Unfortunately, the cord could benefit from being slightly longer.

The vacuum's 6-gallon capacity provides a significant benefit, ensuring it meets regular daily needs without requiring frequent trash emptying. With its ample capacity, you can depend on it for extended periods, saving time and effort. Its user-friendly nature is another notable aspect, as simply closing the lid, attaching the hose, and plugging in power allow for effortless usage.

Driven by a 4.0 horsepower motor, this vacuum demonstrates potent suction capabilities, drawing all types of debris, waste, and dirty water into its tank. This impressive suction performance ensures a thorough and effective cleaning process. Weighing a mere 15.4 pounds and featuring wheels, this vacuum is designed for mobility and easy movement. It can be conveniently transported between locations, making it suitable for various tasks. However, it might generate some warmth.

Smart Floor Cleaner: This Floor Washer combines wet dry vacuum and handheld vacuum in one. It cleans wet or dry messes on hard floors with ease. And the smart iLoop sensor changes from red to blue to tell you when the floor is clean.

Enhanced Edge & Corner Cleaning: The exclusive brush head design provides optimized, streak-free cleaning along baseboards and into hard-to-reach corners. Your floors become completely dry in minutes.

Converts to a Handvac: This floor washer easily converts to a handheld vacuum with attachments to reach corners, stairs, crevices, car interiors, and more. Hand vac accessories include dustbin, storage tray, crevice tool, and 2-in-1 dusting brush.

Lightweight and Ultra-Quiet: Less than 9 lbs, the FLOOR ONE S5 Combo floor washer is easy to maneuver with brushless motor, noise-optimized air channel, and a soft brush roll. It also features swivel steering, self-propelled wheels, and an easy-to-grip handle for maximum comfort.

Hands-Free Self-Cleaning: The hands-free, self-cleaning function automatically flushes the inner tubing and brush roller, for mess-free maintenance. The pet hair strainer within the dirty water tank makes pet hair removal quick and easy for homes with pets.

【User-friendly 】The balanced top handle design, 22-ft cleaning reach, durable casters, and non-marring rear wheels provide stable and safe transportation in and around your home. The automatic cord rewind makes wrapping up the job a breeze.

【Accessory storage】 The on-board hose and accessory storage allows you to keep all the attachments organized and on-hand.

【Powerful Performance】This vacuum has a 2-stage motor which makes cleanup easy and quiet.

【4 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum】This shop vacuum is equipped with a 5 peak HP motor and 4-gallon polypropylene tank. Offering the perfect size and power for a variety of tasks in the house.

10 WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacuum
Our Score:

Gallons indicated reflect drum volume, not necessarily collection capacity, actual capacity dependent upon type of debris collected, condition of filter and other factors

Backed by a 5-Year Limited Warranty, this compact and portable wet dry vacuum cleaner has a large ergonomic carry handle making this small, lightweight vacuum easy to carry and transport

Accessories Included: 4-ft Friction Fit Hose, Car Nozzle, Utility Nozzle, Filter Bag with Retaining Band

Vacuum includes an integrated blowing port for added versatility

Compatible filter bags: WS01025F and WS01025F2 WORKSHOP Filter Bags

Stable, flat-bottom design prevents the small shop vacuum cleaner from tipping over

Covered by WORKSHOP Wet/Dry Vacuum 5-year Limited Warranty

10-Foot power cord, 4-foot hose and all shop vacuum attachments store on-board keeping everything needed close at hand

Peak horsepower represents a level at or below the maximum horsepower output of an electric motor tested in a laboratory using a dynamometer

What to Look For in a best wet vacuum cleaner?

Is it necessary for you to purchase best wet vacuum cleaner in 2024 from Amazon within the next few hours? Perhaps you've just learned about something which can benefit friends or family members but aren't sure where to turn or who to trust.

So, we're here to help. Our new article will show you how to purchase the best item for your necessities quickly so that it arrives on time and as expected. It's that easy!

Corded Vs. Cordless

If you need to do some heavy-duty cleaning or need an uninterrupted source of power, then a wet/dry vacuum with a cord is the best choice. However, for quick indoor cleaning or for cleaning up limited debris, like wood shavings, a cordless vacuum is a great option. These vacuums are usually lightweight and use the same lithium-ion battery as a drill or saw.

Size And Weight

Wet/dry vacs come in a variety of sizes and weights, ranging from the lightweight, compact models to the larger, commercial canister models. The smallest shop-type vacs are usually no heavier than 3 pounds and are around a foot in height and width, whereas heavy-duty shop vacs can be up to 35 pounds and reach up to 3 feet in height.

Hose Length

The length of the hose for a vacuum cleaner varies from 6 to 30 feet depending on its type. This length provides the convenience of being able to move the vacuum to a central location and clean the entire room without having to drag the machine around. However, it is important to store the hose properly after use in order to avoid it getting tangled.


Think about where you are going to need to use your wet/dry vac. If you will be taking it up and down stairs frequently, pay attention to the size and weight of the tank when it's full. If portability is a priority, try to find a model with a smaller tank and a built-in storage area for all the accessories so you can take it all in one go. Also make sure to factor in the amount of storage space you have available when deciding on what size wet/dry vac to buy.


The filters in wet/dry vacuums can range greatly in type and function, but their main job is to capture dust and other small particles, preventing them from becoming airborne again. Most shop vacuums have a pleated paper filter with rubber gaskets on either side to stop dust from passing through the filter and into the tank.

Power And Performance

The power of a wet/dry vac is determined by the horsepower (hp) of the motor, rather than its performance potential. Although a higher hp rating generally indicates a more powerful motor, the suction ability of a vacuum is also influenced by the length and diameter of its hose and other features.


What is a wet vacuum cleaner?

A wet vacuum cleaner is a type of vacuum cleaner that is designed to remove both wet and dry debris from a variety of surfaces. It typically includes a tank filled with water or other liquids to help collect the wet garbage and a filter to capture the dry waste.

How do I use a wet vacuum cleaner?

Fill the tank with the appropriate amount of cleaning liquid to use a wet vacuum cleaner. Next, plug the vacuum in and turn it on. Finally, use the vacuum to clean the surfaces you need to. Make sure to empty the tank and clean the filter after each use to ensure optimal performance.

What are the benefits of a wet vacuum cleaner?

Wet vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning up spills and mess quickly and easily. They can also pick up and remove stubborn dirt and debris that can be difficult to remove with a vacuum cleaner. Wet vacuum cleaners are also often more powerful than their dry counterparts, making them even more effective at cleaning messes.


Its features, not its name, are what define best wet vacuum cleaner in 2024. This may seem self-evident, but it's easy to become fixated on a specific company or brand due to its reputation. We strongly advise you to consider your needs and determine which products will assist you in meeting them. With our options above, if you can't choose any suitable one, let's check Dreametech Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Wish you a nice shopping day!

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