The Best Selling Air Fryers For 2024

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Best Selling Air Fryers
Best Selling Air Fryers

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1. Best Overall: Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer

"The Instant Vortex Air Fryer is the perfect kitchen appliance for any home chef. It features EvenCrisp TECHNOLOGY, which uses advanced technology to drive air flow top down for a perfectly golden finish and crispy, tender results every time." Read Review

2. Runner Up: Ninja AF101 Air Fryer

"The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is the perfect kitchen appliance for those who want to enjoy guilt-free fried food. This air fryer uses up to 75% less fat than traditional frying methods, and has been tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries for amazing results." Read Review

3. Best Design: Ultrean Air Fryer 4.2 Quart

"The Ultrean Air Fryer 4.2 Quart is the perfect kitchen appliance for anyone wanting to enjoy delicious, healthier fried foods without all the oil and fat. This air fryer uses Rapid Air Technology to circulate hot air around the food so it cooks evenly and crisply in minutes." Read Review

4. Best Unique: GoWISE USA 1700-Watt Air Fryer

"This GoWISE USA 1700-Watt Air Fryer is the perfect way to enjoy all of your favorite fried foods without the extra calories. With its 1700-watt power, you can fry, bake, grill, and roast all of your favorite foods with little to no oil." Read Review

5. Best Efficient: COSORI Pro II Air Fryer

"The COSORI Pro II Air Fryer is the ultimate kitchen appliance for those who love to make delicious meals quickly and easily. With its powerful rapid 360° air circulation, it heats food quickly, providing a crispy texture and even results." Read Review

The air fryer has quickly become one of the most popular countertop appliances for health-conscious home cooks. It is a great way to make delicious fried foods without the added fat of traditional deep frying. It also boasts fast cooking times and various features that make air frying easier than ever. With so many air fryers on the market, knowing which one is best for you cannot be easy.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best-selling air fryers. We’ll cover the features that make each model stand out and which models have the best customer reviews. Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or a top-of-the-line model, you’ll find the perfect air fryer. So take the guesswork out of air frying and get ready to start enjoying delicious, healthy fried food with the help of one of the best-selling air fryers.

Ultimately, we concluded that the Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer was the most highly recommended. This versatile 6-in-1 air fryer is a must-have kitchen tool, offering an impressive range of functions. The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is another option. Other options presented here are certainly worthy of your attention, and to assist you in making an informed choice, we have compiled a helpful shopping guide.

Products Suggest

TOP Choice #1 Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer
Our Score:
Instant Pot

This versatile 6-in-1 air fryer is a must-have kitchen tool, offering an impressive range of functions. It can air fry, broil, roast, dehydrate, bake, and reheat, providing endless possibilities for preparing delicious meals. Its unique EvenCrisp Technology ensures a perfect golden finish and crispy textures by circulating airflow efficiently from top to bottom.

On top of that, the air fryer's user-friendly one-touch programs simplify cooking with customizable options for recipes like wings, roasted vegetables, potatoes, cookies, and cinnamon buns. Say goodbye to lengthy preheating times—the air fryer heats up quickly, enabling rapid and efficient cooking from frozen to golden perfection within minutes. With a temperature range of 95 to 400°F, it allows precise control to achieve gourmet-quality dishes. Note that while some parts are made of plastic, there might be a slight plastic smell initially.

TOP Choice #2 Ninja AF101 Air Fryer
Our Score:

This adaptable air fryer enables guilt-free cooking, boasting a reduction of up to 75% in fat compared to traditional frying, as verified against deep-fried hand-cut French fries. Its temperature range from 105°F to 400°F grants the flexibility to gently eliminate moisture from foods or swiftly cook and crisp them using convection heat. The 4-quart ceramic-coated nonstick basket and accompanying crisper plate provide ample room, accommodating as much as 2 lbs of French fries, making it a fitting choice for family-sized servings.

The air fryer's versatile 4-in-1 functionality covers a range of cooking programs, including Air Fry, Roast, reheating, and dehydrating. With the Dehydrate function, you can craft crispy and delightful homemade snacks, turning foods into flat, chip-like dehydrated delights. This process ensures comprehensive dehydration while safeguarding vital nutrients. Nevertheless, some users might perceive the bucket size as a bit compact.

TOP Choice #3 Ultrean Air Fryer 4.2 Quart
Our Score:

Ultrean introduces an air fryer that enables individuals to savor their preferred crispy and fried foods with significantly reduced fat and grease content, promoting healthier cooking practices without compromising on flavor. This versatile kitchen device goes beyond mere air frying, extending its capabilities to grilling, roasting, and baking through its innovative rapid air technology. This cutting-edge system ensures uniform cooking without the need for hot oil or a thermometer, thus saving both time and money.

Operating the Ultrean air fryer is effortless due to its easily accessible buttons and user-friendly cooking setup. Equipped with an auto switch-off timer spanning from 0 to 30 minutes and an adjustable temperature range of 180°F to 400°F, the appliance offers precise management of the cooking process. Maintenance is convenient with its nonstick pan, heat-resistant handle, and detachable, dishwasher-safe basket. Nevertheless, there could be room for improvement in its exterior casing.

The versatile GoWISE USA Air Fryer provides numerous cooking possibilities, enabling the preparation of tasty dishes with minimal or no oil, which includes frying, baking, grilling, and roasting. It streamlines meal-making by offering multiple cooking options within a convenient countertop appliance. The included alarm function ensures uniform cooking by prompting you to shake the ingredients at 5, 10, and 15 minutes, elevating the flavor of your culinary creations.

Showcasing a modern and sleek design along with an advanced touchscreen menu, this air fryer eliminates guesswork with eight cooking presets like Fries/Chips, Pork, Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Cake, Fish, and Pizza. The broad temperature range, ranging from 180 Fahrenheit to 400 Fahrenheit in 10-degree intervals, and the 30-minute cooking timer ensure precise and consistent outcomes. The new Start/Stop button allows easy adjustment of cooking time and temperature during the cooking process, tailoring it to your preferences. Nonetheless, some users might find the food drawer a little challenging to slide in.

5 COSORI Pro II Air Fryer
Our Score:

Featuring customizable cooking functions, this air fryer empowers you to personalize and store time and temperature settings for any preset, streamlining the meal preparation process. The AdaptIQ Technology ensures swift 360° air circulation, effectively and evenly heating food to perfection, resulting in crispy textures that will delight both family and friends.

Additionally, the appliance provides an impressive array of 12 one-touch cooking functions, catering to a variety of recipes, including Steak, Chicken, Seafood, Shrimp, Bacon, Frozen Foods, French Fries, Vegetables, Toast, Bake, Preheat, and Keep Warm. Adding or canceling the built-in Shake Reminder to match your cooking preferences is easily done for convenience. Engineered to serve 3-5 people, the square 5.8-quart baskets have ample space to accommodate an entire 5 lb chicken, making it an ideal choice for family gatherings and dinners. Unfortunately, its baskets may be a bit hard to remove. 

This versatile air fryer elevates cooking with its remarkable 6-in-1 capabilities, encompassing air frying, roasting, broiling, baking, reheating, and dehydrating to cater to diverse culinary demands. The innovative ClearCook window and internal light offer a convenient means to observe cooking progress without opening the basket, ensuring consistently perfect outcomes. The EvenCrisp Technology optimizes air circulation, achieving an impeccable golden finish and delightfully crispy, tender textures.

The included progress bar effortlessly lets you track the cooking process, providing clear prompts on when to add or turn food for optimal results. The quiet cooking feature ensures a peaceful kitchen environment by minimizing disruptive noise while cooking. Convenience is further enhanced through one-touch innovative programs, delivering customizable options for dishes like wings, roasted vegetables, garlicky potatoes, cookies, cinnamon buns, and more. However, its manual instructions could benefit from improvements.

Distinguishing itself, the XL Air Fryer features an inventive dual-basket design, a characteristic absent in the original air fryer. This innovation allows for the simultaneous cooking of two distinct foods, eradicating the need for sequential cooking inherent in traditional single-basket air fryers. DualZone Technology adds convenience, granting the choice between the Smart Finish option for concurrent cooking and the Match Cook button for replicating settings across zones, fully utilizing the 8-quart capacity.

Offering a versatile 6-in-1 functionality, this air fryer boasts an array of adaptable cooking programs: Air Fry, Air Broil, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate. Cleaning becomes a breeze with dishwasher-safe baskets and crisper plates, saving time and energy after each use. With its ample XL capacity, accommodating up to 8 quarts, it's perfect for speedy family meals, allowing both mains and sides to be prepared concurrently, or cooking up to 4 lbs. of French fries or chicken wings. Nevertheless, some users might perceive the device as slightly compact.

A KITCHEN MUST HAVE: Perfect for quick delicious meals, preparing side dishes, appetizers, rotisserie chicken and more. Great addition to any kitchen.

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Include a non-stick drip pan and 2 perforated cooking trays, as well as stainless-steel rotisserie basket, rotisserie spit and forks, and lift tool.

DISCOVER AMAZING RECIPES: Download our free Instant Pot app, so you can create quick new favorites and prepare delicious meals, available iOS and Android.

ROTISSERIE FEATURE: Perfect for self-basting and tumble-frying. Top heating element with fan ensures optimal cooking and baking performance.

PROVEN SAFETY FEATURES: Built-in safety features including Overheat Protection and auto-off to keep your mind at ease.

9-in-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Air fry, bake, broil, dehydrate, roast, proof, toast, reheat and rotisserie.

ONE-TOUCH SMART PROGRAMS: 6 customizable programs for one-touch rotisserie-style chicken, garlicky potatoes, cookies, cinnamon buns and more!

FAST PREHEATING: Little to no preheating time, from frozen to golden in minutes! Create gourmet meals with the versatility of a temperature range of 95 to 400° F.

EASY CLEAN-UP: Oven door removes easily and cleans easily with a damp cloth and dishsoap. Dishwasher safe drip pan, cooking trays, rotisserie basket, spit, forks and screws

EvenCrisp TECHNOLOGY: Advanced technology that drives air flow top down for a perfect golden finish and crispy, tender results every time!

WIDE TEMPERATURE RANGE: 105°F to 400°F allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat.

5-IN-1 VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY: Includes 5 versatile cooking programs: Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate. BPA free: Yes

XL CAPACITY: With the 5.5 qt. nonstick basket and crisper plate, you can save time by cooking up to 3 lbs. of French fries or wings with ease.

LESS FAT: Up to 75% less fat than traditional air frying methods. Tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries.

EASY CLEANING: Both the basket and crisper plate are nonstick, easy-to-clean and dishwasher safe.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1750-Watt air fryer, 5.5 qt. nonstick basket, nonstick crisper plate and chef-inspired 20 recipe cookbook.

DEHYDRATE: Create flat, chip like dehydrated foods for fun, homemade snacks pounds; The combination of low fan speed and low temperature enables thorough dehydration.

1700-watt rapid air technology from PowerXL Power Air Fryer XL Max provides up to 400° superheated hot air at rapid speed for hotter, crispier air frying results using less or no oil so you can keep enjoying your favorite fried meals without the guilt

LED digital display panel with 7 one-touch presets - air fry / French fry, broil / fish, roast, bake, shrimp, chicken, steak

Crisper tray insert catches crumbs and drips, helping to keep the cooking chamber clean, additional accessories – 7 quart fry basket, air fryer cook book with recipes created at PowerXL’s in-house test kitchen, easy instruction manual – cord length, 3 ft. 11 inches PowerXL customer satisfaction brought to you by the PowerXL kitchen appliance collection, simplifying everyday life with innovative solutions for the kitchen and home

Power Air Fryer XL Maxx by PowerXL, the #1 best selling brand of air fryers in America; special edition air fryer uses hotter, faster air flow than ever before to create the crispiest, piping hot golden-fried taste and texture on your fried food favorites with up to 70% fewer calories from fat vs. deep fryer oil

7-qt nonstick fry basket with innovative air crisp vents provides optimal air flow for even crisping on all sides – fits 1.75 lb. French fries, 23 chicken wings, a 3 lb. chicken, or a 6” pizza in just one cooking cycle

What to Look For in a best selling air fryers?

Different considerations must be taken during the shopping process. Study resources are obtained in a wide variety of ways. Thus, our staff is all here to lend a helping hand, advice, and solutions to your issues.

Please take a closer examination of the features below and that would be beneficial before your purchase of best selling air fryers: 


Before you make a decision about a type or style of air fryer, it's essential to determine how much counter area you have to work with. Air fryers are quite big and need a good amount of room when in operation. Gauge each machine you're looking into and compare it with the amount of space you have available. If you plan on storing your air fryer in a cupboard when it isn't in use, be sure to measure the size of your storage compartments as well.


It is wise to be cautious when looking at the measurements claimed by the manufacturer, as they may not be an accurate representation of the true capacity or volume of the air fryer. In some cases, the total internal space may be measured instead of the usable capacity, resulting in a discrepancy. For example, a product described as having a "10-litre" capacity may only be able to hold 500g of chips, while a "2500-gram" model might not be able to actually hold that much food.

Ease Of Use And Cleaning

This takes into account a few things: the display and usability, the volume when it is operating, and the cleanup afterwards. If the air fryer is simple to use, has a clear display, has straightforward operation, and produces excellent cooking results, this is all taken into account. The sound of the air fryer is also a factor that should be taken into consideration, especially if you don't want to have to shout over the noise in your kitchen.


There are two main types of controls to choose from: dial and digital. Dial controls are simpler and less precise, with just a temperature dial and a timer dial that sounds when the time is up. Try to find one with a timer that can be set for more than 30 minutes. Digital controls usually have a touchscreen interface with an accurate timer, temperature readings, and some may even have pre-programmed settings. Look for models with user-friendly icons and an alarm that alerts you when the cooking is done.

Wattage/Power Consumption

You should make sure that the kitchen outlet you are using can handle the wattage requirements of your air fryer. This is because the standard wattage for an air fryer is usually between 800 and 1500 watts. If the wattage is higher, the temperatures will be higher and the oil will heat up faster when adding frozen food such as peas or meat. Some air fryers can reach up to 1800 watts or more. If you use a 1500 watt air fryer, the maximum electricity consumption is one unit per day. If you cook for 30 minutes, the maximum electricity consumption will be half a unit per day. An air fryer can typically complete household cooking in 15 minutes or less and most air fryers have a power rating of less than 1500 watts, so they consume less than half a unit of electricity per day.

Versatility And Features

Air fryers are capable of carrying out several other cooking tasks, including broiling, roasting, and dehydrating. However, they may not be as effective with each of these functions compared to a pressure cooker. If you are specifically looking to make jerky, dried vegetables, or fruit roll-ups, you may be better off investing in a dedicated dehydrator. When shopping for an air fryer, consider features such as timers and the interface, as well as any alerts or sounds when in use. Smart features such as presets and app/Wi-Fi connectivity can add extra value, but these additions should not be the main focus when evaluating the cooking results.


What are the benefits of air fryers?

Air fryers provide a healthier alternative to traditional frying methods, as they require little to no oil and cook food quickly. Air fryers also use less energy than traditional deep-fryers, making them more cost-efficient. Additionally, air fryers are more convenient and require less cleanup.

What types of foods can be cooked in an air fryer?

Air fryers can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including French fries, chicken wings, vegetables, and even desserts.

How long does it take to cook food in an air fryer?

The cooking time for food in an air fryer depends on the type and quantity of food being cooked. Generally, most foods will take between 10-20 minutes to cook.

Can I adjust the temperature and timing on an air fryer?

Yes, most air fryers come with adjustable temperature and timer settings. This allows you to customize your cooking to achieve the desired results.

What safety precautions should I take when using an air fryer?

When using an air fryer, you should always make sure to use oven mitts when handling hot surfaces, as they can become very hot during use. Additionally, you should never leave an air fryer unattended while in use, and always unplug it after use.

When the latest info related to best selling air fryers comes available, we will update it as soon as possible. Please check our websites frequently for the most up-to-date research data.

Our team is able to support you with many problems, even the out of best selling air fryers. If you require support with your issues, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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