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It's all Dutch to me!

 [Posted 30-May-2008]

So, today I received my extremely handsome copies of The Innocent Mage, the Dutch version. Wow, it's so beautiful! Huge thanks to my Dutch publisher Boekenwereld, for the lovely lovely job they've done.

And can I just say how utterly peculiar it feels, to see my story in a language I don't understand? I hope the Dutch reading public enjoys the book, and I thank them in advance for their trust.


Guest blogging for Voyager

 [Posted 12-May-2008]

So I've just done a guest blogpost for the Voyager blogsite. Still struggling with some techy stuff on this site's updates, but if you cut and paste this address -- you'll get there.


Two new interviews

 [Posted 07-May-2008]

For those of you who enjoy reading writers talking about writing, you might like to check out two new interviews ... thanks to Grasping for the Wind and Specusphere for the chance to blather on! I've got a computer hitch just now, so I can't do a direct link, but feel free to cut and paste the following links: and










Ola! in Spain

 [Posted 07-May-2008]

The Innocent Mage is now on sale in Spain, in the Spanish language. I don't understand Spanish, but it all sounds very dramatic. *g* I look forward to seeing my actual Spanish copy -- and maybe showing you the cover.