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The Riven Kingdom

The Riven Kingdom

Godspeaker - Book 2

(NA Release)

FORMAT: Paperback
RELEASED: 01-Sep-2008
ISBN-10: 0316008362
ISBN-13: 9780316008365

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Ethrea is an island in the centre of the most important shipping route in the world. For four hundred years, it has been a land of peace and impregnable security, a perfect trading hub – and keeper of secrets.

The imminent death of Ethrea's king has placed his surviving daughter, Rian, in a dangerous position. The church has great power in Ethrea, and it says that no woman may have dominion over a man. If Rian can take and hold her throne – can she also keep it safe from the armies of the rest of the world? An exile from Mijak may be her only hope ...